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How long will my tour last?

Tour times vary depending upon size of the party and various other factors. Ozarks Explorer Canopy Tour - 1 to 2 hours * Additionally, plan on arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tour departure time to allow for check-in.


How long are the zipline and canopy tour courses?

The zipline and canopy tour courses at Wolfe Creek Preserve feature over one mile of ziplines and suspension bridges. For all tours featured along the course, you will enjoy a ride to the top of Wolfe Mountain and then descend down the route outlined for your particular zipline and canopy tour.


Do you have any age or weight restrictions?

We can easily accommodate any age so long as the participant meets our Minimum Activity Eligibility Requirements page. However, due to safety concerns all guests of Zipline Canopy Tours must weigh between 70 - 275 lbs. All guests of Blue Streak Fast Line with Freefall Xpress must weigh between 70 - 250 lbs.


What is the tour price?

Tour prices vary depending upon which tour you choose and are available on our Pricing Page.


What are your hours of operation?

Our store hours vary depending upon the season. Typically from March-December we are open 5-7 days/week. Please reference Google for hours or Facebook for any weather closures.


How do I get to Branson Zipline at Wolfe Creek Preserve?

If you came in to Branson on Hwy 65 through Springfield, you probably passed right by us. For exact directions, please see our Contact Page for a map and driving directions from both Branson and Springfield, Missouri.


What should I wear for the zipline tour?

Guests should wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for physical activity, such as short sleeve or long sleeve T-shirts and shorts or long pants. Clothing such as swimsuits and dresses are not recommended. All riders must wear closed shoes or closed toe sandals that are strapped on. No loose shoes of any kind are permitted! Riders with long hair are advised to wear their hair in a ponytail, and riders should avoid wearing dangly jewelry. If you forget any of the above appropriate clothing items, we have them available for sale in our gift shop. We also advise guests to wear layers in case of cool weather.


Is Branson Zipline associated with any industry organizations?

Yes. Branson Zipline was built by an Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) - certified contractor and our guides are independently trained and certified to exceed ACCT standards.


Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. However, we have a limited daily capacity and highly recommend that you book as far in advance as possible. For current group rates, please contact our group sales department by phone at 1-417-527-1912 or by e-mail at More information is available on our Group Rates Page.


How much physical effort is involved in this tour?

We have designed our Canopy & Zipline tours to require minimal physical exertion and to be fun for all ages. However, there are a few steps and some walking involved. You can read the specific requirements and restrictions for each tour on our Minimum Activity Eligibility Requirements page.


I am pregnant. Can I still participate?

Due to safety concerns we can not allow anyone who is pregnant to participate on any of our tours.


Can people with health issues still participate in the tour?

If you have pre-existing health conditions that impair your physical activity you may want to check with your physician before participating in any of the tours offered by Branson Zipline. Please read the specific requirements and restrictions for each tour on our Minimum Activity Eligibility Requirements page.


Do tours run in inclement weather?

Our tours do run in the rain. Canopy Tours got their start in the rain forests of South America where it rains almost every day. Wolfe Creek Preserve is absolutely beautiful during the rain and many of our repeat guests have stated that they prefer to zip in the rain! We only close for lightning or at the discretion of management. If management feels that the weather poses a safety risk, then we will close. Otherwise, we run our tours as scheduled. We do not offer cancellations or refunds unless management closes the course. We have a limited capacity and advance reservations are required. Don't worry about getting wet. You might find that you have more fun than you ever thought possible in the rain!


What is your cancellation policy?

We do not offer cancellations or refunds. We have a limited capacity and reservations are required.


How large are the canopy tour groups?

Our typical sized groups are no larger than 12 participants with 2 guides per group. Please contact us by phone or by email to make arrangements for groups larger than 12 participants.


What kind of training do your guides receive?

All guides receive extensive training by an independent third party training company, are extensively tested, and then course-certified to exceed ACCT standards. We have some of the best guides in the business!


What if I have never done a zipline tour before?

No experience is required. Our patient guides will help you have the best possible experience. Oh, and this may be your first, but it won't be your last!


How soon in advance do I need to make reservations?

You should make them today! We realize this may sound self-serving, but we have a limited daily capacity which forces us to require advance reservations for most tours and we sell out far in advance during the busy seasons.


Will I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, it is required that you sign a waiver similar to any other you may sign to participate in a physical activity. Parents or legal guardians must sign a waiver for their minor children.


Can I bring a camera?

For the safety of all of our guests and guides, cameras are NOT allowed on any Zipline tour. Your guides will take photographs which will be available for purchase at the conclusion of your tour so your family activities, Branson vacation, and bravery ziplining, can be shared with all your friends.


What steps have been taken to mitigate danger?

The zipline course at Branson Zipline was designed and built by an Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) - certified builder. Additionally, the course is inspected by a third party inspector periodically throughout the year and is inspected daily prior to opening. The ACCT is the leading U.S. organization that sets safety standards for zipline tours and has been accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ALL zipline guides are course certified to exceed ACCT standards and have first aid/CPR certifications. We are inspected and licensed by the state of Missouri through the Amusement department. Additionally, our professionally trained guides brake all guests, so you never need to grab a zipline to stop yourself!

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